How to Make Steamed Chinese Meat Buns (Baozi) 包子

This is a video tutorial on how to make Steamed Chinese Meat Buns aka Baozi 包子.

The dough is made using a bread machine mixer but you can also use a stand mixer or knead by hand.

Full Printable Recipe:

Chinese Steamed Meat Buns (Baozi) 包子

Basic Dough Recipe:

Mantou (Chinese Steamed Bun) 饅頭

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47 thoughts on “How to Make Steamed Chinese Meat Buns (Baozi) 包子”

  1. Thanks for the video Yi! I'm having problems with the filling. When I make my own, the filling shrinks too much and their is too much air between the dough and the filling.

  2. worked on a Chinese boat for a few months. leftovers from dinner went into the baozi. fantastic. and we all made jiaozi for chinese new year.

  3. Your rolling technique is really cool. I have never seen it done like this before. Rotating the dough and only rolling the edge.

  4. the best music ok, voice ok, instructions and explanation ok lighting and clarity ok time ok  subscribed ok :-)

  5. I've never made Baozi before, so I hope my question is not inappropriate: If you steam any kind of meat, isn't it still raw when you're eating it? I can't really imagine to eat raw ground pork! Or could I also fry my pork in advance and put it then into the Baozi?

  6. i just bought a steamer but i don't know how to use it. do you just add water to the pan? are you supposed to boil it? every recipe i go to just says "now steam the buns" and that doesn't tell me anything.

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